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Do you know when key change is needed? Let’s say your key is stolen. What would you do? Replace it? Such action won’t prevent the person who stole your key to break-in. What we do at Locksmith Stittsville is rekeying. Highly concerned about the security of each customer’s property, our pros suggest the best solution to each problem. In the event keys are lost or stolen, we rekey locks in Stittsville, Ontario.Rekey Locks Stittsville

Why our pros rekey locks in Stittsville?

When there is even a slight possibility that your keys are stolen or kept by previous tenants or employees, lock rekey is the best security solution. For the same reasons, rekeying locks is also important when you move to new properties. The key of any main door belongs only to you. When there is a slight suspicion that someone else has your keys, the idea is to render them useless and cut new ones. Not make a key replacement. This will simply be a copy of the original key. The only way to prevent a break-in is by changing the key and along the pin configuration of your cylinder lock.

How can our locksmith company help?

We rekey locks in Stittsville as fast as possible. If you need emergency service, call us 24/7. The essence of this service is to replace the pins found in cylinder locks. By changing the pins and thus the configuration of the lock, we make sure the lock will only work with a new key which is cut to match this new configuration. So our tech comes fully prepared with new pins and the right tools to make the pins replacement and a brand new key for this particular lock.

Call for master key system service

By changing the pins of the lock, we enable the new key to go in the lock and turn. With the right work, our techs can make a master key system in the event you want to operate a particular door with two different keys.

Call us if you need our help. When your keys are lost or you move to a new place in Stittsville, rekey locks to be certain of your security.

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